Homestead Examination

Homestead Tax Exemption Examination

We provide full-service homestead exemption examinations of properties receiving residency-based tax exemptions. Reason Consulting has a team of tax examiners dedicated to Homestead Fraud Examination. We help governments recover lost revenue connected to fraudulent homestead exemptions. We also utilize our custom software for seamless communication with our government clients.

Data Cleaning

We work with you to securely transfer your taxing jurisdiction’s list of homestead exemptions to our team. Our experienced data team cleans the incoming data for proper formatting, runs it against our algorithms, and turns it over to our examiners for investigation.

Homestead Examination

Our examiners review the cleaned data and investigate to ensure that the homestead tax exempted property is in fact the primary residence of the taxpayers. Once the investigation is complete, our recommendations are turned over to the client as an electronic file including supporting documentation, call logs, and investigative notes.

Taxpayer Contact

Our Michigan Call Center serves as the main contact point for taxpayers who may have questions regarding their homestead exemption examination. This call center provides government outsourcing for clients across the United States. If necessary, we will also send out questionnaires on our client’s behalf.

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We help taxing jurisdictions recover lost property tax revenue.

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