Software Products

Our Software Products

Cost Analysis Valuation System (CAVS)
A data driven approach to estimating the personal property associated with various business types and locations.
TaxScribe Makes Taxes Better

Okay, maybe that’s hyperbole.  But, we have designed TaxScribe to help make parts of the filing process better, including enhanced communication with local jurisdictions.

TaxScribe For Professionals

A multi-state, multi-tax version of TaxScribe designed for the professional tax preparer, with additional features to better serve that market.

Digital Canvas
Audit Aware Digital Canvas

Our software augments your data and blends it with external intelligence, providing insights on new and existing businesses within a geospatial display.

Case Manager
Audit Aware Case Manager

Manage audits across multiple projects, assign to internal and external auditors, and increase visibility on progress. Our data science backed Audit Factory™ ties pipelines to audits, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

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We love making things

We build software applications to solve problems. If we see a need, then we try to fill that need. You can find those solutions here where we show off some of what we built, and how to learn more about them.