Every member of our leadership team has more than twenty years in their field. We have been focused on technology, tech enabled services, and data science long enough that it has become second nature. Our collective vision gives us a strategic edge, and we apply this knowledge and our collective wisdom to each new opportunity and every single client.

Kamlesh Patel
Chief Data Officer

Kamlesh is a double major in Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Management System from Devry and Chemical Engineering from India. All rounded dedicated business professional with more than 15 years of experience in operating system processes and overseeing data management, data analytics, data governance, and ensuring data quality.

RJ Dellinger
Chief Product Officer

RJ is responsible for all product and project management activities and results for Reason. RJ has more than 25 years of experience designing and delivering custom solutions for clients in a variety of fields. He is a strong proponent of Kaizen Practices, Agile Development, and Management by Fact.

Adam Hunter
Chief Technology Officer

Adam is a 15 year technology industry veteran with experience that runs the gamut of web technologies. He worked in NoSQL during the foundational stages of the technology and routinely uses technologies from kubernetes to serverless. He has multiple certifications in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and has been certified on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Al Consiglio
Chief Government Services Officer

Al Consiglio has over 25 years experience in Assessment Administration, Auditing and Consulting for both the Public and Private sectors. Before coming to Reason Consulting, Al was the Director of Special Projects for a Nation-wide Auditing firm where he led several teams across the Country providing assessment administration services as well as auditing support for some of the largest taxing jurisdictions.

Mark C Cooke
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mark founded Reason Consulting with the single purpose of leading a team to produce industry leading products and the highest level of technology consulting services. Mark has two decades of experience in product development, technology innovation, and data science. After earning a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Connecticut, he turned his attention to data science and technology, earning multiple industry certifications and a certificate with distinction from Harvard’s Business Analytics Program (HBAP).

Andy Bucholz
Chief Revenue Officer

Andy comes to Reason with 20 years of experience inventing and taking to market products that solve Federal, State and Local government problems. He spent a few years as a police officer before founding a mobile license plate reader startup. Later, he went to work for LexisNexis Risk where he led strategy and product for their government division. He is a thought leader and frequent speaker on the application of data to solve a myriad of government problems. Andy has two published books and a number of patents in data and fraud.