We value our partnerships.  These are what power our ability to do what we do.  We spent a lot of effort deciding where the best fits were, and we are proud to have earned our way into partner status.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers us the best resources to build solutions.  We utilize compute (servers), networking, DNS, data storage, big data, cloud functions, data visualizations, and more.  As Google Cloud grows its resources, it fuels what we are able to produce.  Even as a small company, we now have access to global scale compute resources for near 99.999% uptime and near 0% data loss.


KNIME is an Open-Source platform for Data Science.  Visual programming based, and integrating with every major data science tool, KNIME allows us to quickly iterate over machine learning models and ETL pipelines.  KNIME is integral to our data science practice, and we appreciate the opportunity to spread the love by teaching others as well.